The Lake Milton Association's mission is to promote the lake and the community surrounding it.

The Lake Milton Association was founded in 1988, a joining of two active organizations around the lake: the Cottage Owners' Association and the Home Owners 'Association. These two groups worked closely together to bring about the repair of the dam at Lake Milton. They, along with the city of Youngstown, were also instrumental in convincing the State of Ohio to create Lake Milton State Park.

Spearheading and organizing the drive to repair the Lake Milton Dam

In 1986, the city of Youngstown determined that the dam at Lake Milton was unsafe and decided to breach it. Many local people worked to stop the breaching, and instead to have the dam repaired. The State of Ohio agreed to come in and repair the dam. During that period of time, many trips were made to Columbus to try to encourage the State of Ohio to declare Lake Milton a State Park. Eventually, the city of Youngstown and the State of Ohio came to an agreement and in 1988, Lake Milton became the 72nd State Park.

Lake Milton was drained in 1986, and just the Mahoning River flowed through it. It was a sight to behold. Many people explored the uncovered land looking for artifacts and treasure! During the two years of the repair project, weeds, shrubs and trees grew in the lake bed. In March of 1988, a dedication of the dam was held and the lake started to fill. The lake was stocked with fish and everyone was anxious. But, by May, a drought had set in and the lake was only partially full. For the remainder of that summer Lake Milton remained at a very low water level. By the summer of 1989, the drought had ended and sports enthusiasts were finally able to resume their summer activities on and around Lake Milton.

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